Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is increasingly important and valuable as the industry develops.


The patent system is a system to promote the development of national industries by protecting and encouraging inventions. The purpose is to grant patents in exchange for technology disclosure. It contributes to industrial development through the disclosure of the invention and recognizes exclusive and exclusive rights to the inventor.
A utility model is a system to protect and encourage practical design and to promote its use.


A trademark is a mark for identifying other products. By protecting trademarks, we maintain the credit of trademark users and protect the interests of consumers.


The purpose is to contribute to the development of the industry by promoting the protection and use of design and encouraging creation. Design refers to the appearance and handwriting of goods, parts of goods, which are fluid gardens subject to independent transactions.


It is a creation that expresses thoughts or emotions, and aims to protect the rights adjacent to the author's rights and contribute to the development of culture and industry through fair use.